Conscious Intelligent Genetic Re-Engineering of the Human Species

enabling and improving our Species for sustainable

Adaptation to Changing Earth Environment, Climate and Atmosphere
Preparation for Life on Other Worlds and in Exosolar Starship Habitats

A Program within the ASTRA Center of the TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics

Natural evolution brought us as a current singular species - with many variations, most of which were linked to geography, climate, solar exposure, water nutrients, and many other environmental factors including flora and fauna - to our present-day status, genetically and epigenetically.

Our natural world is changing in very rapid and non-linear ways, partly by Nature, partly by human actions, especially in the past few centuries, and especialy in the past 60-80 years, barely 3 generations by the common reckoning. This is a "microsecond" compared to the tens and hundreds of thousands of years over which any significant genetic development proceeds. Furthermore, purely natural evolution through genetic mutations and social patterns will as in all of biological history result in a lot of "dead-end" branches, of many sorts.

We do not need to keep on following the old way of "leaving it purely up to Nature". In fact, we Cannot do so. We will certainly run the very high risk of Extinction from a variety of causes, and certainly, we cannot contemplate migrating and having large and permanbent-duration civilization by humans in Space - whether on the Moon or in L5 ("Lagrange") orbital locations, much less on Mars, on terra-formed asteroids, or in any form of interstellar travel - without Significant Physiological AND Psychological modifications to the "way we are" presently.

Climate Change alone dictates the need for New Thinking about the future Human Genome that will be optimal for our survivability as a species. Climate Change is not hypothetical, it is not a low-probability or distant-future event like an asteroid collision. it is Here, Now, Today. How can we adapt our future generations to live better, healthier lives, at @ +5 C average temperatures, and with higher CO2 and lower O2 concentrations in the air we breathe?

The objective of Mugenics is to establish and intelligent, adaptive, predictive system for genetic engineering of future variants of humans for widely different environments and living conditions including on other planets, moons, and spaceships, and on exoplanets.

We are working in all this presently through the framework of the NpC ("Neuroplex-C") prooject, part of the larger and more-encompassing BMCC Project (BioMolecular Communication and Control) within the TBD (Topological Biomolecular Dynamics) Program.

We are in the process of adapting many tools and techniques from genetic engineering research and clinical studies and practices, including the EVE system (Evolutionary model of Variant Effect) from Harvard U. & Oxford U., for the purposes of constructive, forward-directed modifications to the Human Genome for purposes of not simply mitigating known, existing, here-on-Earth dysfunctions and diseases, but for improving on many aspects of human physiology and especially neurology, cardiology, pulmonary function, immune system biology, inflammation control, digestion, and other functions, for What IS Coming and May Come to EARTH, and How We Need to Be for Living in SPACE.

Note well, that this is not "eugenics" in the old sense in which people thought about such racial "improvements" especially @ the earlier part of the 20th century. This is about Intelligent Enhancement for Future Survival and Sustainability. Encompassing the whole human race, the best of all variants, and for the benefit of All as one Species, which is exactly what we are - one species, with strong points and also weak points spread throughout our genetic variants.

Take note of this paleontological history of our human species. Around @ 70,000 BCE, a supervolcano erupted with great explosive force, an eruption far exceeding Mt. St. Helens (1980) or Vesuvius @ AD 79. It is believed by many anthropologists and paleontologists that the total humanoid population of Earth may have been pushed down to as low as 20,000 or even 10,000 individuals - on the entire Planet Earth.

That is called Near-Extinction. Want to see that happen again? Of course not. Want to remain "stuck" on Earth and have grave difficulties to develop large and diversified populations of humans living on colonies on other worlds in our own solar system or beyond on Exoplanets and the starships required to rewach them? Things are not like they have been represented in "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" and so many other films and books of sci-fi.

We need to Design and Breed Different Variants of Humans to be able to Survive on Earth and to Live in Space. This is a fact. Like it or not, we need to do conscious, intelligent, directed genetic engineering. We need to change our physiology and our psychology. Not hugely, not drastically. But just in the ever-so-right subtle ways.

Presently, you can learn more about the fundamental reesearch by exploring NpC - Neuroplex-C Project.

This page and others on this site are not yet finalized, so this is only a placeholder. Contact us to learn more about this Program underway!

Comprising TETRAD Institute is a faculty comprised of Fellows, Mentors, Researchers and Visitors. There are organizational affiliations with multiple universities and other institutions but the Institute and PRIMUS Center are independent from any other external institution. (The mission and activities are consistent and similar to some of the original motivations and founding ideas of the Institute for Advanced Study, Perimeter, Kavli, and several others worldwide.)

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